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Chase Arndt
Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Student Life

Director of Student Life

As the Director of Student Life, Chase Arndt helps in planning unique activities to get students involved with the campus culture at King University. Chase is an alum of King who comes back from spending the last 4 years in Kenya working with pastors, schools, and sustainable development projects. He loves all activities from hiking the AT, whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking Kilamanjaro, intramural and intercollegiate sports such as ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball. Chase’s mission is to continually try to find new and unique ways to get students connected to their faculty, staff, and campus at King. Thus expanding and enhancing their overall enjoyment and success of their college experience here at King.

Student Staff

Student Chairs

Kiayana Roberts – Events Chair
Caitlyn Monds – Launch & Special Events Chair
L.A. Anderson – Intramural & Athletics Chair
Meghan O’Ferral – Marketing & Social Media Chair

Student Staff

Isis Smith, Jacob Reynolds, Chance Arnold, Shelby Zeiter, Jaclyn McNichols, and Nye Lindsey.