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The King University Honor Code must be followed by all students including Dual Enrollment students. The Honor Code states:

“On my honor, I pledge to abide by the King University Honor Code: I understand that students of King are to be honest in words and actions, in particular, not to lie, cheat, plagiarize, or steal. I pledge to conduct myself in a manner based on Christian values and to require the same of fellow students. I understand that a violation of this Honor Code may result in my appearance before the Honor Council.”

Any honor violation or concern regarding a Dual Enrollment student will be handled with the professor involved and the Dual Enrollment advisor before a decision is made to involve the Honor Council. Depending on the severity of the situation and the possible consequences, the student’s high school and/or parents may be involved. In the instance of cheating, including plagiarism, a number of consequences could apply, including the student receiving an “F” in the course.