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Digital Media Art & Design (DMAD)

BA in Digital Media Art & Design

King University’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Digital Media Art & Design (DMAD) degree is built to help students develop both the technical and the conceptual skills required to present creative ideas through contemporary visual communication. The Digital Media Art & Design major transforms students’ talent and passion for visual arts such as digital photography, videography, and graphic design into exciting careers in the expanding and evolving field of digital media.

King University’s DMAD major is ideal for students who are:

  • Self-motivated
  • Detail oriented
  • Articulate
  • Critical and objective
  • Able to hear and apply feedback
  • Persistent
  • Compelling visual communicators

Digital Media Art & Design Learning Outcomes

By completing the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Art & Design degree, students are prepared to meet the following competency outcomes:

  • Create visually compelling imagery through self-exploration
  • Articulate personal vision, creative thinking, and evaluation
  • Justify aesthetic decision making
  • Identify and employ techniques in editing, post-production, image manipulation, digital illustration, and design
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of technical practices with the equipment of their concentration
  • Formulate and apply sound business principles of management, marketing, and accounting
  • Demonstrate self-motivation and ethical practices while building business models
King University Program - Digital Media Art & Design (DMAD)
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Why Choose King University’s BA in Digital Media Art & Design Degree?

Build a Strong Portfolio for Future Careers

King University’s Digital Media Art & Design major provides students with ample opportunities to create their own projects during the program of study. The hands-on projects prepare them to enter careers with a high-quality portfolio of work that expresses who they are while showcasing their strong technical abilities.

The DMAD program also enriches the learning experience by teaching students how to use current industry-standard software and hardware including studio space, lighting equipment, Mac Lab, and the full Adobe Creative Cloud.

View examples of DMAD student work.

Grow in an Uplifting DMAD Community 

King University’s Digital Media Art & Design program provides a student-driven and uplifting community where students are empowered by our expert faculty. Devoted to teaching and student success, they spend the time to get to know each student including their talent, challenges, and career interests. DMAD students are encouraged to follow their aspirations, express themselves creatively, and eventually grow into competent digital artists.

Combine Media Art Study with a Business Course

The Digital Media Art & Design degree at King University has a unique business component tailored to visual artists. The DMAD program incorporates a digital-media-specific business course to prepare students to step into the industry from a variety of entry points including working with established firms and starting their own business ventures. Equipped with robust technical skills, design thinking, conceptual insight, and business acumen, our Digital Media Art & Design majors are positioned to excel in today’s dynamic digital media industry. 

Be Part of Something Special

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Art & Design Program Curriculum 

King University’s Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Art & Design is a traditional 4-year program that employs a comprehensive 124-credit curriculum. It requires students to complete 42 credits of core courses, 58 credits of major requirements, and 24 credits of electives. The rigorous program curriculum allows students to choose their directions of study based on their preferred mediums while giving them enough time to pursue multiple media.

Through a uniquely designed progression of courses, students become fluent in both conceptual visual language and efficient technical practices, which build the foundation necessary to compete in an industry that is continually evolving.  

Example courses within the Digital Media Art & Design major include:

  • Media Production
  • Introduction to Visual Rhetoric and Graphic Design
  • Project Lab 
  • DSLR/DSLM Video Production
  • Advanced Lighting
  • Imagery in Society
  • Multipage Design
  • Branding and Identity Design
  • Digital Media Business Practices
  • Advanced Web
  • Digital Photography

Review the detailed BA in Digital Media Art & Design coursework.

Careers with a Digital Media Art & Design Degree

With a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Art & Design from King University, students are well-equipped to pursue careers in graphic design, web design, and photography.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in arts and design occupations is expected to grow 4 percent through 2030. Graduates in the field can expect a median annual wage of $49,600.

Potential jobs for Digital Media Art & Design graduates:

  • Professional Photographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media/Networking Specialist
  • Digital Retoucher
  • Web Designer
  • Professional Videographer
  • UX Designer
  • Digital Media Specialist

See more job opportunities for DMAD graduates.

Admission Requirements

Interested applicants of the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Art & Design degree need to submit the following documents with their application:

  • Official High School transcript or Home School transcript, or official results from General Equivalency Diploma
  • SAT or ACT scores (optional)

Learn more about King University’s undergraduate admissions requirements.

Learn More about the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media Art & Design

Ready to jump-start a career in digital media? Apply to King University’s Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Art & Design program today to develop marketable skills in media production, design, and creative and critical thinking. 

Have more questions? Contact our faculty.

Questions? Contact our faculty.
Joseph Strickland
Associate Professor of Photography & Digital Media, Chair of Digital Media Art & Design
Herbert Lee Jones III
Assistant Professor of Photography & Digital Media