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Right to Know

Student Right-To-Know & Campus Security Act of 1990

The Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 requires all colleges and universities participating in Federal Student Aid Programs to disclose basic institution information, graduation rates, information on  students receiving athletically related student aid, campus security policies and campus crime statistics. This page centralizes the information for current and prospective students at King University.

General Information

Below is a search engine potential students can use to find detailed information about specific universities

Equity in Athletics Report

For additional information on King University Athletics:

Campus Security Policies

Links below include all information involving Drug and Safety Policy and Procedures:

Campus Crime Statistics

Links below include all information involving security, crime, fire and safety reports:

Disability Services

Learning Specialist. The full-time learning specialist works with students to enhance learning and performance through individual student analysis, skill and strategy enhancement, and provision of accommodations for disabilities where necessary (excerpted from Student Handbook pgs. 164 and Academic Catalogue pg. 39).  For more information, click here.