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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

What is QEP?

“QEP” stands for Quality Enhancement Plan.

Why does King University have a QEP?

The QEP is a crucial component of the University’s regular reaffirmation (review) process through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), a regional group. We voluntarily belong to SACSCOC in order to make sure we meet and maintain high standards for your education. Every 10 years King University goes through a reaffirmation year, during which we are reviewed on a number of measures.

What does the QEP do exactly?

The King University QEP focuses on learning outcomes and the environments that support student learning. Based on years of institutional data and feedback from faculty and students like you, it was decided that our QEP will be “Improving Student Writing”. King is now making a concerted effort to improve our students’ writing abilities in all programs and formats.

How will QEP be integrated?

We plan to incorporate better-written assignments into the curriculum, as well as provide more writing assistance inside and outside the classroom. You will receive help from your professors. You may also receive help from librarians, Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and Online Writing Lab (OWL) tutors, in-class student peer tutors, and student success specialists. There will be resources on Blackboard and Portal. Three Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) have been defined:

  • Students will write a researched essay that is effective and professional;
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in using proper documentation; and
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in using conventions of academic discourse.

What is the QEP process?

The QEP process includes an assessment when you start your education at King, support for improving your writing skills while you are at the University, and then a final assessment when you graduate. You will receive help with attaining the three SLOs from all of your professors, as well as from librarians, the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), student peer mentors, and student success specialists.

After completing the initial assessment, you will take general education core classes and classes within your degree program. During these classes, all faculty members will help you improve upon your academic writing abilities. As noted previously, librarians, tutors, and others will also be available to assist you. In two specific classes, essays you write will be assessed to determine your current academic writing abilities. One essay will come from a course within your program of study. The other essay will come from RELG 1001, Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice. RELG 1001 is a requirement for all undergraduate students. A final writing assessment will be included in your exit exam, Outcomes Assessment at King (OAK). Throughout this entire process, King will provide information on students’ writing strengths and weaknesses to faculty and others so that they can continuously refine their intervention strategies and ensure that students Write Well and Finish Well!

Who does this plan impact?

During the next 10 years, all King University undergraduate students will participate in the QEP. Within the first five years, undergraduate students will participate in initial assessments, in-class and support interventions, writing papers in classes, and follow-up assessments. Programs will be phased into the plan, with all learning platforms of Psychology and Healthcare Administration being phased in during 2018-2019. RELG 1001, Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice, will also be phased in during the first year. The remaining undergraduate programs will be phased in during years two through five.