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Chemistry Program Mission and Vision

The Chemistry program seeks to train the next generation of young people with an interest in the chemical sciences in both the theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry. The Chemistry coursework helps to do this by integrating chemical concepts and quantitative thinking with laboratory techniques and best practices to develop graduates who are prepared for a variety of scientific career possibilities.

Chemistry Program Highlights

  • All three Chemistry tracks lead to a BS in Chemistry.
  • The Chemistry program emphasizes the laboratory experience.
  • Internship/Research experience is strongly encouraged, and your advisor, along with the Career Placement office, will help you identify a suitable internship.
  • The Science Seminar program will help you to develop your oral and written science communication skills.
  • The defining characteristic of our Chemistry program at King is the close mentoring relationship between the faculty and our majors.

Chemistry Program Overview

Our Chemistry program combines the classroom and the laboratory experience. It integrates a strong understanding of chemical principles and quantitative problem solving with the development of hands-on research skills. In order to accommodate individual career goals, there are three Chemistry tracks to choose from:

  • General Chemistry
  • Health Sciences Chemistry
  • Chemistry + Secondary Education

The General Chemistry track is the traditional major that gets you ready for graduate study or for a job in industry. The Health Sciences Chemistry track prepares you for medical school, veterinary school, and a variety of other health professional programs. The Chemistry degree for Secondary Education also leads to the fulfillment of the teaching licensure requirements. This qualifies the graduate to help fill the critical shortage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) teachers in our nation’s high schools. Your advisor will help you select an internship or a summer research program tailored to your interests and career goals.

King University Program - Chemistry
Jobs for Chemistry Professionals
Chemical TechnicianPharmacy and Pharmacology
DentistryPharmaceutical Sales
EducationPhysical Therapy
Government laboratory workQuality Control Analyst
Graduate ResearchVeterinary Medicine

Chemistry Coursework

  • To view all required courses for a BS in Chemistry, click here.
  • To view all required courses for a Minor in Chemistry, click here.
  • For Chemistry course descriptions, click here.
Simeon Pickard
Professor and Chair of Chemistry
Kelly Vaughan
Chair & Associate Professor of Biology
Bradley Baker
Assistant Professor