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KISIS Public Events Series. The Institute organizes seminars, workshops and lectures by local and national experts, which are designed to advance society’s understanding of the nature of intelligence and the changing security landscape in the 21st century.

The King Security and Intelligence Studies Group. Known informally as KSI, the King Security and Intelligence Studies Group is a professional student-led organization that promotes the study of intelligence, terrorism and geopolitics among undergraduates. It aims to help students cultivate meaningful business contacts, enter relevant internship programs, and develop skills that are vital to building careers in the United States intelligence community. KSI’s core membership consists of enrollees in King University’s Security and Intelligence Studies program, as well as students with serious interest in foreign policy and international affairs. KSI operates under the auspices of KISIS and King University’s Student Government Association.

KISIS Undergraduate Fellowship Program. The (KISIS) Undergraduate Fellowship Program (UFP) selects outstanding students typically in their junior or senior year, who have an interest in seeking admission to graduate school. The goal of the Undergraduate Fellowship program is to prepare talented undergraduate students for graduate-level responsibilities through their
participation in KISIS-funded research and organizational assignments.