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Housing Rates

Standard Residence Hall Fees Effective Fall 2023:

Housing – $2577.00 per semester

Room in Hyde Hall – $100 additional

Dining Plan: $2,554.00 per semester

Private Residence Hall Room Fees:

A student may request a private room for an additional fee if space permits:

$200 per semester for single-room occupancy.

$350 per semester for double-room occupancy.


Residence Hall Damage Deposit:

A damage deposit of $100 must be paid by each resident student. Damages for which the student is held responsible will be charged annually against the student’s account. There must always be a $100 deposit on the account. Upon final residency at King, the $100 deposit, less any charges for the year, will be returned.

If a room deposit is paid during the spring semester for the upcoming fall semester, the student may cancel and request a refund by the last business day of May.

Improper Room Change Fee:

Any student who does not have permission to move and does so anyway will be subject to a $75.00 fine and possible referral to student conduct.

Un-Approved Early Arrivals/Late Stays:

Any student who arrives early or stays late without the approval of the Residence Life Office will be subject to a $250.00 per day fine for each day stayed before the official move in or after the official move out period.

Housing Fees and Meals:

All students living in college residence halls must pay housing fees and should take their meals in the Dining Hall. Dining Hall privileges will cease if balance is not paid or financial arrangements are not complete. Students with off campus employment conflicts, or with special dietary needs as prescribed by a medical doctor, may request a meeting with the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Director of Dining Services to discuss possible accommodations.

Refunds of Housing and Food Fees:

When a student moves out of the Residence Halls during a term for which the student has been charged, a prorated refund of housing and food charges will be made through the first eight weeks, based on the whole number of weeks remaining in the semester.