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Health Tests in the classroom at King University

School of Health and Professional Sciences

Seven Majors

Majors learn research tested knowledge about personal and professional communication because interpersonal conversations and professional activities rely on effective communication. King’s Communication program is applied, meaning all that we study in the classroom must be applicable (relevant) to real-life relationships, skills, and jobs! To learn more about Communication click here.

Communication is offered in the following format:

The Criminal Justice program provides a full survey of courses designed to learn about each aspect of our justice system and the theories and research behind it. It provides a mix of courses that will be beneficial to those entering the field upon graduation or those beginning graduate or law school. There is a specific focus on alternative approaches to seeking justice such as restorative justice, diversion, and specialty courts. To learn more about Criminal Justice click here.

Criminal Justice is offered in the following formats:

  • On-Campus
  • Evenings 1 night a week
  • Online

In the Exercise Science program you’ll apply what you learn to improve health, wellness, athletic performance, injury prevention, and injury recovery. Major students study the impact of inactivity and poor nutrition on chronic disease as well as ways to improve athletic performance, optimize training and recovery from exercise, and reduce injury. The program integrates learning experiences in the classroom with direct application in the laboratory. To learn more about Exercise Science click here.

Exercise Science is offered in the following format:

  • On-Campus

The Health Informatics degree at King University, based on AMIA curriculum, is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for the complex challenges of today’s healthcare system. Unique and continuously updated course work that melds well with healthcare values, meets the ever-changing needs of Health Informatics. Students learn in a culturally tolerant, student-centered, year-round online program from masters teachers from diverse professional background. Since employers usually report difficulty finding project management specific to Health Information Exchange (HIE) when hiring or recruiting for positions, graduates of King’s Health Informatics program have an advantage. To learn more about Health Informatics click here.

Health Informatics is offered in the following format:

The primary focus of the King University Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration Program is to prepare you for a career with excellent:

  • Business skills and knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Communication and relationship management
  • Leadership
  • Knowledge of the healthcare environment

To learn more about Healthcare Administration click here.

Healthcare Administration is offered in the following formats:

  • Evenings 1 night a week
  • Online

Social Work is more than just a major… It’s a career with a calling

Are you interested in helping people and advocating for social and economic justice? Have you considered a career in Social Work? The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program at King University is the path to take. To learn more about Social Work click here.

Social Work is offered in the following formats:

  • Face-to-Face (F2F) one evening each week
  • Online

Sports are a big business in the United States and the Sport Management major prepares students for entry-level positions within a variety of sport and recreation settings. Students learn to apply critical thinking and techniques to solve real problems related to amateur, collegiate, and professional sports organizations. To learn more about Sport Management click here.

Sport Management is offered in the following format:

  • On-Campus

One Mission

We prepare students in our Christian academic community to excel as thoughtful, resourceful, and responsible citizens with a passion for serving God, the Church and the world.


Emily Snapp, 2017 Alumna, Associate Aircraft Ownership Advisor
"King’s Communication program vastly equipped me for my career with customer relations in aviation. Every aspect of my job involves the skills and methods taught in the Communication program."
Emily Snapp, 2017 Alumna, Associate Aircraft Ownership Advisor