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Residence Life

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 423.652.4743

When do Housing Assignment Letters go out?

Housing Assignment letters are mailed mid-July each year.

Where can I find out the dimensions of my room or the size of my mattress?

The Residence Life Website has lots of information about living on-campus, including room measurements, virtual tours of the residence halls, and the amenities of each building.

When do returning students reserve a room for the next semester?

When students reserve a room for fall, it is assumed they will be there in the spring as well. No further reservation is necessary. Reservations for the following fall semester are made in February. Students may reserve their same room or enter the Housing Lottery for a different room. More information about this process is written in the Student Handbook. Dates for the process are posted in all residence halls.

What are Health and Safety Checks, who does them, and how often are they done?

Each month, the Residence Life staff for each residence hall inspects each residence hall room for compliance with The Tennessee Fire Code as well as health and safety regulations.  These regulations relate to anything that could be a health or safety issue for residents.  More information about these regulations is written in the Student Handbook.

Do I have to live on campus?

All single, full-time students, under the age of 21, who do not reside locally at a primary residence, in the Tri-Cities, with a parent or legal guardian, must live in a residence hall as long as space is available. Students who meet the eligibility requirements may apply for Commuter Status through the Student Portal. The full Commuter Policy can be found here.

When can members of the opposite sex visit in the residence hall?

Each residence hall has a “Visitation Hours” period.  This is a time when members of the opposite sex may be in a residents room. The times for “Visitation  Hours” are from 2 p.m. – midnight each day. “Visitation Hours” are not available during holiday or spring breaks. Each building has a public lobby area where guests can visit. Please see your individual building for lobby hours. See the Student Handbook for further information.

Who should I contact if I am locked out of my room?

Students are strongly encouraged to keep their room keys with them at all times. If a student is locked out of his or her room, the student should call the RA on duty between the hours of 6pm – 8am. During normal business hours, students may contact the Area Coordinator for their residence hall assistance.

Who should a student contact if there is a maintenance problem in their room?

Students have the option of completing the work order online at Students are also encouraged to report the problem to their Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator who will file a work order. If there is a facilities emergency, please call Security immediately at 423.652.4333.

Who should a student contact if there is a problem with their cable, internet or phone in their room?

Students are encouraged to report the problem to their Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator who will file a work order. Or, students may also email [email protected] directly. The student’s email will automatically be recorded and create a ticket in IT’s work order system. Requests received by phone will also be entered into the same system.

Who should I contact if I am having problems with my roommate?

The Resident Assistant for your floor/hall or the Area Coordinator of your residence hall. If it is a severe situation, you can also contact the Coordinator of Residence Life.