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Campus Information

Library and Computer Access

As a Dual Enrollment student, you may access all library services and the computer labs on campus.  In addition, you will have an e-mail account at King to receive class and campus information.

Student Activities

You will be issued a King University ID card. Watch for information about special times for Dual Enrollment students to come have their ID made.

With a King University student ID, you are invited to attend campus functions, including athletic events, concerts, plays and other activities at the student rate, which in many instances involves no charge.

During the semester, stop by the Student Affairs Office for information on activities you see posted around campus. You can also call 423.652.4740 for more information.

Campus Parking

All Dual Enrollment students must register their vehicles to park on campus. The vehicle registration fee is waived for you. However, parking fines are not. Just like on any college campus, parking is always a concern, so park only in commuter student areas and allow plenty of time to walk to class. Watch for information on special vehicle registration times.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is located in various areas on campus and is marked by green curbing or a sign. The main visitor parking locations are near Maclellan Hall and the E.W. King Building. Limited visitor parking is also provided at Kline Hall, Parks Hall, and Sells Halls, and White Hall. See the map below for parking locations or contact security at 423.652.4333.

Parking Vehicles on Campus

As a student you will be required to obtain a student decal form the Security Office. To register your vehicle and to learn more about parking on campus visit: