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Dress Code

Graduation Ceremony Dress Code

King University does not have a dress code policy for graduation ceremonies but we do have a few tips and hints.

For all spring graduation attendees, the location of the ceremony is at King’s main campus in Bristol, TN. It’s a grassy area of campus. Due to the weather, and often due to the morning dew, the grass on campus is wet. We encourage attendees to not wear white shoes. The soft ground may also be a consideration for attendees who may wear heels. For those wearing pants, it is more than likely the bottom portion of your pants will become wet.

For graduates, King recommends business casual attire under your gown. Dark clothes and shoes are recommended. Your gown will extend to just below your knees, showing your calf and feet. International students with stoles representing their home countries, students receiving highest honors, and those with academic honors are the only graduating students to wear anything over their robes.