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Travel Opportunities

See the World

King offers more domestic and international travel opportunities than most schools our size. In fact, more than 25 percent of our students travel each year for study abroad, missions, class, and community service trips and that number is rising as more and more people realize the value of a global perspective.

And we don’t just send students. Professors and staff members often accompany students on trips. Whether you’re interested in embarking to foreign destinations, such as Italy, Honduras, Scotland and Ireland or want to see more of the U.S., there are plenty of opportunities at King.

Depending on your major, you might intern at a local company or national corporation; conduct research in collaboration with a King faculty member (or at another school) and present the results at regional and national conferences; and participate in a class project on or off campus.

Here is a sampling of the places you can go through programs offered at King:

For more information, contact Dr. Karen Shaw, the study abroad coordinator, at 423.652.4798 or via email at [email protected].