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It is the student’s responsibility to disclose a disability to the university and to request accommodations in a timely manner. Requests for accommodations or services may be made at any time; however, keep in mind that some accommodations may take time to arrange. Be aware that accommodations are not retroactive and cannot be made for assignments or exams that have occurred prior to the request.

Step 1 – Complete the Accommodation Request Form

In order to initiate a request for reasonable accommodations, students should submit the Accommodations Request Form.

Step 2 – Obtain and submit reliable disability diagnostic documentation

Documentation may be submitted to the Office of Learning & Disability Services in electronic format (PDF preferred) at the time of the completion of the Accommodation Request Form, submitted using our Secure Document Upload, or mailed to King University, Office of Learning & Disability Services, 1350 King College Road., Bristol, TN 37620.

Guidelines for documentation are available below and students are encouraged to download and share these guidelines with their provider.

The application process is not considered complete and cannot be processed for review until the Accommodations Request Form AND the diagnostic documentation has been received.

Step 3 – Review of Request & Documentation

Once the Accommodation Request Form and the diagnostic documentation have been received, the Office of Learning & Disability Services will review the submission and determine which, if any, accommodations will be provided.

Step 4 – Notification to the Student

If documentation meets guidelines, the student will be apprised of the accommodations that have been approved.

If the documentation is not sufficient, the student will be advised as to the specific additional information/documentation needed.

Step 5 (if applicable) – Accommodation Notification of Approved Academic Accommodations Sent to Faculty – Upon Student Request

Each semester students receiving academic accommodations must provide the Office of Learning & Disability Services the names of the faculty members and/or other staff they would like to receive a copy of their Official Accommodation Notification. This notification is not automatic. The Office of Learning & Disability Services will notify the faculty and/or staff identified by the student of the approved accommodations electronically. Faculty must be in receipt of this notification before they are permitted and/or required to provide approved accommodations.

The implementation of academic accommodations is a shared responsibility. The student should meet with each instructor and discuss each requested accommodation and how it will be implemented so that it is appropriate to both their needs and the format of the course.

To request an Accommodation Notification be sent, students should complete the

Step 6 (if applicable) – Arrangement of Approved Housing Accommodations

Approved housing accommodations will be reviewed with the Coordinator of Residence Life. The Office of Residence Life will work directly with the approved student to fulfill specific housing accommodation needs.