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Traditional Undergraduate Costs

The cost of attending King University includes tuition, a comprehensive fee (shown below), the cost of books and course materials, and personal expenses which will vary according to the tastes, customs, and the self-discipline of the student.

The comprehensive fee covers approximately half the total cost of the university program provided the student. The balance is paid from endowment income and gifts from individuals, corporations, and Presbyterian churches.

Traditional Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Fee StructureOn CampusCommuter

Other Costs

  • Accidental Injury Insurance (All Students): $345
  • Audit Fees (no charge for student paying full-time tuition): $70 per credit hour
  • Dorm Damage Deposit: $100
  • Graduation Fee: $125
  • Overload Fee (over 20 hours): $300/hour
  • Parking: $80
  • PT Traditional Fee: $120
  • PT Tuition: $600 per credit hour

    *Room Hyde:
  • *$100 additional
  • **For institutions with full-time programs with flat-rate amounts, the Department of Defense requires that tuition cost be broken down into a “per credit” cost for full-time students using the formula below:  Per year tuition cost X number of years to complete program / total number of semester hours to complete program = cost per hour.
    • The cost per semester hour for Department of Defense Active Military/Tuition Assistance is $1061.


Direct Charges will appear on your student billing statement and are to be paid directly to King University. Books, Travel & Misc. will vary according to individual needs.