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Academic Programs and CIP Codes

Academic ProgramCIPCodeDegree Type
Applied Science & Math: Biomedical Engineering14.0102BS
Applied Science & Math: Chemical Engineering14.0102BS
Applied Science & Math: Civil Engineering14.0102BS
Applied Science & Math: Industrial Engineering14.0102BS
Associate of Arts (General Studies)24.0102AA
Biology : Bioinformatics Track26.0101BS
Biology : Cell and Molecular Track26.0101BS
Biology : Dual Pharmacy Track26.0101BS
Biology : Human Biology Track26.0101BA
Biology: General Track26.0101BA OR BS
Biology: Grades 6-12 Educ Track13.1322BA
Business52.0101BA OR BS
Business : Accounting Track52.0101BA
Business : Business Administration52.0101BA
Business : Economics Track52.0101BA
Business : Finance Track52.0101BA
Business: Healthcare Administration Track52.0101BA
Business : Management Track52.0101BA
Business : Marketing Track52.0101BA
Business: Management52.0201BBA
Chemistry : Health Sciences Track40.0501BS
Chemistry: General Track40.0501BS
Chemistry: Grades 6-12 Educ Track13.1323BS
Criminal Justice43.0104BS
Digital Media Art & Design50.0102BA
English : Literature Track23.0101BA
English : Writing Track23.0101BA
English: Applied Track23.0101BA
English: General Track23.0101BA
English: Grades 6-12 Educ Track13.1305BA
Exercise Science: Health and Fitness Track31.0505BS
Exercise Science: K-12 Licensure Track31.0505BS
Exercise Science: Kinesiology Track31.0505BS
Forensic Science43.0406BS
Business: (MBA)52.0201MBA
Education: Curriculum and Instruction (MED)13.0301MED
Nursing (MSN)51.3801MSN
Health Informatics51.2706BS
Healthcare Administration51.0701BS
History : Integrative Track54.0101BA
History: Grades 6-12 Educ Track13.1328BA
History: Standard Track54.0101BA
Information Tech: Cloud Computing & Syst. Admin11.0103BS
Information Tech: Digital Business & Game Develop11.0103BS
Information Technology: Cybersecurity Management Track11.0103BS
Information Technology: General Business Track11.0103BS
Information Technology: Project Management Track11.0103BS
Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary Education)13.1202BA
Mathematics: General Track27.0101BS
Mathematics: Grades 6-12 Educ Track13.1311BS
Mathematics: Research Track27.0101BS
Multi-disciplinary Studies30.0000BA OR BS
Music: Applied Music Track50.0901BA
Music Education13.1312BA
Music Education : Instrumental or Vocal Track13.1312BA
Music Education : Instrumental or Vocal Track \Grades K-1213.1299BA
Nurse Practice (DNP)51.3818DNP
Nursing (Traditional and RN-BSN)51.3801BSN
Physics: Grades 6-12 Educ Track13.1329BS
Political Science/History30.4601BA
Post Baccalaureate-ESL13.1019-
Post Baccalaureate-Special Education K-8 Interventionist13.1001-
Religious Studies38.0201BA
Religious Studies: Biblical Studies Track38.0201BA
Religious Studies: Philosophy Track38.0201BA
Religious Studies: Theory and Method in Religious38.0201BA
Religious Studies: Youth Ministry Track38.0201BA
Security and Intelligence Studies45.0999BA
Social Work44.0701BSW
Graduate Social Work44.0701MSW
Spanish: Grades 6-12 Educ Track13.1330BA
Sport Management31.0504BS
Graduation Level Concentrations for MSN
Nursing Administration51.3802
Nurse Educator51.3203
Family Nurse Practitioner51.3805
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner51.3809
Psychiatric Mental Health51.3810