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Commencement Parking

Commencement Parking Guidelines

Parking for King University commencement ceremonies on Saturday, April 30, 2022, on the Oval. To avoid creating additional challenges we ask that if possible all graduates and guests travel to campus in one vehicle. Parking will open at 7:00 am and no parking passes will be issued to graduates or employees. Those who are mobility impaired and require special parking accommodations must have a state-issued handicap placard or register to obtain a commencement parking permit to use special needs parking. Please note that special needs parking permits issued by King University Security Office are only valid for April 30, 2022, Commencement service.

Shuttle service on campus will be provided.

Special needs parking is available, and in addition to government-issued handicapped parking placards. Registration for commencement mobility impaired parking permits are available by filling out the Mobility-Impaired Commencement Parking Form.

Special Needs Parking FAQ

No, just one request. By submitting a request, we will send you a special parking permit for your vehicle. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the vehicle or how many of them are mobility impaired. The parking permit is for a vehicle, not for a person.

No. All parking at the nurses pinning ceremony and baccalaureate service is near the event.

No. However, there is a limited number handicap and special needs seats. All seating is first come first serve.

Yes. We do not require the mobility impaired guest to sit alone.

For commencement services held on campus we have a shuttle bus, vans, and golf carts to assist mobility impaired guests to get around campus. For services at off campus site shuttle service is not available.

For Commencement Services located off campus a drop off location is available. For on Commencement Services held on campus we provide shuttle service and do not offer a drop off location.

No. The mobility impaired parking permit is only a permit to park in a designated lot. It is not the same as a legally recognized handicap permit. Only park in posted handicap spaces if you have a state issued handicap tag/permit.

No, as long as the permit is visible and belongs to someone in the vehicle.