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Devotions and Fellowship

Here are some of the opportunities you’ll have to participate in devotions and fellowship:

Fellowship Groups

Meeting weekly, fellowship groups provide small group settings for worship, study, sharing, prayer, and fun. Many groups meet in residence halls during evening hours, but others schedule their meetings during the day to accommodate commuting students.

Residence Hall Devotions

A brief time for devotions is held nightly in Liston Hall for both men and women. These devotions are led by King students.

Personal Times with the Chaplain

Chaplain Brian Alderman is available to meet with students in groups or individually. He is eager to get to know students and share their faith journeys together. Other counseling is also available through the college counselor, Heather Braddock.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The FCA challenges athletes and others to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. The fellowship focuses on serving Him on campus and in the community.