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King University’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology program explores the crossroad science of cultural mind, individual behavior, cognition, and the organic brain. Integrating the Christian faith, psychology theories, and experiential learning, the program deepens students’ understanding of the intricacies of human behavior. It also helps students develop critical thinking, evidence-based practice, research, and communication skills that are valuable for immediate careers in various fields such as human services and case management.

Why Choose King University’s Psychology Major?

Online and On-Campus Program Options

With online and on-campus program options, the BS in Psychology degree is designed to be a flexible program that meets the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. Both the online and on-campus learning formats ensure academic rigor and an engaging learning experience. Whether students live around our Tennessee campus or in other states, they can earn an accredited psychology degree from King University.

Prefer distance learning? Learn more about the online BS in Psychology program.

Supportive Psychology Faculty

King University’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology program maintains a low student-to-faculty ratio which allows our professors to allocate more time and resources to foster student success. With a passion for teaching, psychology faculty are accessible and supportive, helping students overcome the struggles they might encounter during the program. They also offer individualized instruction and mentorship opportunities for academic and career development.

Experiential Learning

Emphasizing practical experience, psychology majors have numerous opportunities to participate in real-world learning. During the program of study, traditional on-campus students can have an immersive experience of a group therapy session and conduct undergraduate research with the opportunity to present at regional conferences. Recent majors have presented their research at the Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference, and Southeastern Psychological Association.

To prepare for career success, students in the traditional on-campus psychology program are also encouraged to gain field experience through internships at mental health facilities, school systems, crisis prevention organizations, non-profit organizations, local businesses, and correction facilities.

BS in Psychology Program Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree requires students to complete at least 124 credit hours of coursework which consists of 42 credits of the core curriculum, 46 credits of major requirements, and 36 credits of electives.

To help students develop strong research skills for future careers or graduate study, the major coursework includes an independent research project where students can conduct their original research on relevant topics. At the end of the program, students need to pass a Comprehensive Assessment—Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT)—to demonstrate their knowledge in cognition, clinical/abnormal, perception/physiology, and social/developmental psychology.

Some example courses of the Psychology major requirements include:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology*
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • Research Methods and Measurement in Psychology
  • Individual Research Project
  • Lifespan Development
  • Abnormal Psychology

Course offerings are subject to change. Review the detailed BS in Psychology curriculum. The program curriculum is slightly different for the Adult and Graduate Studies and Online learning.

* The Human Anatomy and Physiology course is only offered in the traditional BS in Psychology program.

Psychology Degree Career Opportunities

King University’s BS in Psychology is a very versatile degree that can prepare students to join the workforce upon graduation in various fields or continue graduate study in psychology, seminary, medicine, law, and education.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can pursue career opportunities in many different professions that are related to human services:

  • Case workers in social welfare programs
  • Youth workers
  • Child care workers
  • Business managers
  • Personnel officers
  • Government specialists

Admission Requirements

Applicants to King University’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology program need to submit the following materials for admission:

  • A completed application
  • Official transcripts from all institutions of higher education previously attended
  • An official high school transcript demonstrating a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.2 on a 4.0 scale (only for any student who has not completed an associate or bachelor’s degree)
  • SAT or ACT scores (optional)

Learn more about the admission requirements and process.

Laptop Requirement

A laptop computer with Microsoft Office 365, wireless, and webcam capability is required. Microsoft Office 365 is available to all King students to load on the PC or Mac and is accessible at using their King University credentials.

Learn More about the Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology

Ready to explore the mysteries of the human mind and behavior? Apply to the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program today to foster your ability to apply fundamental psychological theories and versatile skills such as critical thinking and communication to real-world situations.

Have more questions about the Psychology major? Contact our faculty.

Phoenix Dubose
“I am from both Washington State and Alabama. Both are home,” Phoenix Dubose said. She explained that she had a blessed childhood, relatively free of worry or any kind of harm. In high school, she joined the women’s wrestling team, and it was immediately noticeable that she had the potential to compete at the next level.
It was during the college recruiting process that she learned about King. “Having one of the top programs in the country for women’s wrestling put King on my radar, athletically,” Dubose said. While visiting the school, she was impressed by the small size of the campus compared to other schools she visited. “I like that most of the buildings are so near to each other. It makes me feel much more comfortable because the small size brings a larger sense of community,” she said.
It was King that she thought would be the most conducive to her maturity and educational needs. “I chose to enroll at King based on both its academic reputation as well as having connections with the women’s wrestling team during my recruiting process,” Dubose said. She explained that King has lived up to its academic reputation and more. “I have found opportunities for personal growth and development not only academically, but also to expand beyond classroom knowledge into my general life skills.
Dubose’s favorite thing about King is the student life. She said that there are so many ways to be involved with other students, and it definitely makes it easy to build lasting relationships. She is a Psychology and English Literature double major with a minor in Exercise Science. Despite her busy academic and athletic schedule, she makes time to involve herself in the Black Student Union (BSU) where she holds the position of club President.
“The most rewarding aspect of being involved in the BSU is getting to know students during events and watching them get to know each other as well,” Dubose said. “The goals of the club are to help students strive for academic excellence, promote positive images of African Americans, and help students become an integral part of a college community.”
She explains that the BSU acts as a safe space for herself and her peers. As the year progresses with campus events upcoming, she is looking forward to providing for the cultural, educational, and political needs of African American students on campus. “I want the club to be a place that enables African American students to learn about their culture and embrace it with others around them.” The club promotes unity and encourages effective communication by acting as a liaison between students and the administration.
With this being February, we must recognize Black History Month and celebrate those that have worked so hard pushing for equal rights for all people. As the President of the Black Student Union, we asked Phoenix what is the most important way to celebrate Black History Month and honor those that have sacrificed so much?
“I think that the most important way to celebrate Black History Month is to share Black History. The saying, ‘history repeats itself,’ comes to mind in February because I can’t help but always notice how overlooked and disregarded the African American worth is. We have consistently made and continue to make history every day, and there is no reason for our accomplishments to be treated as separate. Black History is American History, and I can’t wait for the day that our endeavors are regarded as such.”
As for the future, Dubose doesn’t yet know where it is going to lead her. “With another year left until graduation, I haven’t yet figured out where the future will be taking me. But wherever it is, I’m only praying for success and happiness.”
King University is a school rich in culture and academic avenues, with numerous athletic programs and something for everyone. Dubose explains that “Most of the students who come to King are athletes so I can imagine that sports would play a big role in many students’ interests here. But outside of sports, King can offer students a lot in the way of academics and entertainment. Here you can make friends, find direction in your life, expand career options, and even see the world with our travel opportunities. The idea of college is to grow personally and professionally, meaning there is no one reason to commit. I say to just do what feels right!”
Phoenix’s energy, optimism, leadership qualities, and determination are carving out a successful college life for her and building her a foundation for equal success in the future. We are excited to see where it takes her.
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Psychology Faculty
Logan Love
Assistant Professor of Psychology