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Psychology Program Mission

The psychology program is designed to provide students with converging viewpoints addressing the diversity of psychology, the integration of faith and psychology and practical experiences to enhance skills appropriate for graduate study or an immediate career.

Psychology Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology provides unique blends of action with reflection and of Christian spirituality with broad intellectual growth. Psychology – as the crossroad science of the cultural mind, individual behavior, and the organic brain – prepares students for a wide variety of careers. Psychology students at King conduct original research projects, participate in internships that serve the community in which they hope to work, and are encouraged to make first-hand observations of family life, children, and adolescents.

Combined with traditional classroom activities, hands-on learning experiences let students develop a unique view of human beings: one that is critically aware of the limitations and biases in current knowledge, one that is constructively able to seek out new approaches to understanding others, and one that knows how to observe, record, analyze, discuss, interpret, and explain what humans do and why.

Psychology Highlights

  • Research opportunities for local undergraduate and regional conferences.
  • Deliberate integration of Christian faith and learning.
  • Opportunities to make and hone skills in naturalistic observation.
  • Immersive experiences in group dynamics and counseling.
  • Internship opportunities at the correctional facilities, community organizations, and local schools.
  • Preparation for graduate training in psychology, counseling, physical therapy, and seminary.
  • Skills that apply to graduate school or immediate entry into the workforce.
  • This program is offered both on campus and online.
King University Program - Psychology

What are Psychology Majors Doing?

To ensure graduates are prepared for a career in psychology, all psychology majors conduct original research and many of these projects are presented at regional undergraduate or professional conferences. Recent majors have presented at the Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference, Southeastern Psychological Association, and the Eastern Psychological Association.

Additionally, students studying psychology are encouraged to participate in an internship that serves the community in which they hope to work. Recent majors have worked in mental health facilities, school systems, crisis prevention organizations, non-profit organizations, local businesses and correction facilities.

Jobs in Psychology
Business managersLaw
Case workers in social welfare programsMinistry
EducationPersonnel officers
Government specialistsSpecial education
Graduate programs in medicineYouth workers

This program is also offered online. View more information about the online Psychology degree program.

Psychology Coursework

  • To view all required Daytime courses for a BS in Psychology, click here.
  • To view all required Evening and Weekend courses for a BS in Psychology, click here.
  • To view all required courses for a Minor in Psychology, click here.
  • To view course descriptions, click here.
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Assistant Professor of Psychology