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Jack E. Snider Honors Program

The Jack E. Snider Honors program was created in memory of a man that lived his life for the service to the community of Bristol and the students he taught, befriended, and developed for over 50 years.

Following WWII as a member of the U.S. Army (Airborne), Jack left military service and entered the world of education working for the Unicoi school district as well as at Ruritan National (a non-profit whose focus is bettering society). In 1955 he joined King, where he would remain until his retirement.

As a man of action, he was the president of multiple associations including the Tennessee College Public Relations Association, the Kiwanis Club of Bristol, the Boys’ Club, furthermore a member of the Council for the Advancement in support of education, a member of the advisory board of the Salvation Army among others.

The scholarship in his name reflects his view of improvement, merit, and a belief in his students designed to foster academic excellence, joyful inquiry, and camaraderie. The program is open to students who are committed to their intellectual growth and development. We bring together top students from every major for thoughtful engagement of the crucial issues confronting the world and the nation.

Mhari Reid 2020 Recipient
"The scholarship assisted me immensely as a college student because I come from a large family and pay a majority of my college expenses."

As an honors student, you will take well-developed honors courses from the best King has to offer and delve deeper into your major courseload than an average student. Your studies will go beyond the classroom to the lab, the stage, the field, the community, and international settings. It is truly an experiential program.

The Jack E. Snider Honors program develops young, enthusiastic, and creative minds to step into the roles of future leaders to benefit our college, our community, our nation, and our world. The ideal honors fellow will graduate from King University as an exceptional and thoughtful citizen.

For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at 800.362.0014 or [email protected].

The Highest Honor - We Thank Our Donors Who Make It All Possible

It is by the generosity of donors that scholarships are possible. And it is those donors who continue to stand by King and what the university is trying to accomplish.

Those donors come from all different walks of life, many of who are alumni that went out into the world and became successful and want to give back to help students who were just like them when they started.

Have questions? Contact the Director of the Jack E. Snider program.
Brandon Story
Assistant Professor of English