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Working for Residence Life

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Academic Year Live-In

The following positions require the student to live on campus in the assigned residence hall. All positions are filled at this time. Consult the individual web sites later for more details.

Resident Assistants

You’ve already made one great decision in your own leadership development by considering joining the Residence Life team. This position will offer a dynamic work environment in addition to a supportive network of colleagues who are also interested in campus involvement and service.

Residence Life believes in quality, vision, purposeful growth and development, service, responsibility and integrity and community. The Resident Assistant position is the most critical position to helping achieve these Shared Values. We feel confident we can offer you a first-class leadership experience and an opportunity to be involved in a critical role on the King University campus!

Resident Advisors do indeed play a vital role within the residence halls and they are integral in developing a positive and supportive community for all residents.

Being an RA is an opportunity of a lifetime and we encourage you to apply. It is a unique position which will challenge, inspire and motivate you. It also provides financial support for the present and valuable skills and work experience for the future.


ALL Resident Assistants are required to participate in the Fall Training Workshop, held one week prior to Fall Semester Check-in and the Winter Training Workshop, held three days prior to spring check in.

Academic Standing

A Resident Assistant must be a sophomore, junior, or senior at time of employment and have lived on campus for at least two semesters. A student who has an active conduct or honor council sanction at the time of application may not apply or serve as a Resident Assistant.


All applicants for the position must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 must be maintained by all employed Resident Assistants, although a higher average is encouraged. Whenever a Resident Assistant’s cumulative GPA falls below a 2.5, or whenever a Resident Assistant earns less than 2.5 for two consecutive semesters, the RA is suspended from the position until grades meet or exceed the requirement.

Financial Aid

Earnings from the Resident Assistant position may affect the amount of aid a student receives for the academic year. In addition, the room scholarship is considered aid similar to any other scholarship and may impact a student’s financial aid package. Direct your specific questions about the impact of earnings or room scholarship on your aid to your assigned Financial Aid counselor in the Office of Financial Aid. This analysis is strongly recommended prior to accepting any offer of employment!


The Office of Residence Life assigns Resident Assistants to specific residence halls and rooms. Assignments are generally based on staff and community needs identified by professional staff and hall supervisors. Students who request air conditioning must be certified under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through the Office of Learning Services before assignment to air conditioned space. Certification under the ADA is information recorded in the permanent student record.

Housing Contracts

All RA applicants must enter the Housing Application Process. Students selected as Resident Assistants are required to contract for housing. RAs that leave their positions, for whatever reason, prior to the start of the Fall Semester will be offered on-campus housing only by their priority status in the Housing Application Process. Those that leave staff after the beginning of the Fall semester are considered as having on-campus status and will be re-assigned to an available space. Failure to enter the Housing Application Process will result in being eliminated from the RA selection process.


Resident Assistants may begin the school year with temporary roommates. As occupancy permits, temporary roommates are reassigned, providing RAs with a single occupancy room. If you request a roommate for the academic year, you will not be given any additional compensation, as the traditional RA compensation package gives an RA a double room to themselves at the double room rate.

Duty Hours

The Resident Assistant is expected to be available for a minimum of four nights per week and is required to serve scheduled weekday and weekend duty. During duty shifts, the Resident Assistant is required to remain in the building from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. RAs also conduct periodic rounds of the building. The frequency of duty will vary from building to building, due to size of staff.

Leaves and Absence from Campus

Resident Assistants are expected to be on assignment whenever the residence halls are open, including a few days before the halls are opened and the last day of closing. A select few residence halls are open during academic breaks and staff assigned to work in these buildings are expected to participate in staffing during these periods. Exceptions to the standard leave policy must be cleared in advance with your respective supervisor.


We encourage all staff members to take personal time on the weekends as staffing permits. Usually once a month is recommended.


Resident Assistants will be issued and are responsible for returning various items including staff manuals, office forms, supplies, and keys. Supplies to support programming are available through the building offices.

Job Performance Evaluation

Resident Assistants are formally evaluated each semester by his/her residents, supervisor, and informally by him/herself. In the event a RA has failed to perform related duties to the position expectations, RA will not be reappointed to the position.

If a Resident Assistant’s performance falls short of the position expectations at any time, he/she may, after consultation, be placed on probation or terminated immediately by their supervisor. If terminated, the Resident Assistant must return all assigned materials which are related to the position and reimburse King for prorated room fees.

Other Co-curricular activities

Being a successful Resident Assistant takes a great deal of effort; however, we realize RAs are often some of the key leaders on campus. We encourage each RA to be involved; we want to make sure he/she is not jeopardizing his/her respective roles.

NOTE: Additional employment, student teaching, or significant involvement in an organization or other co-curricular activity requires special approval by the supervisor in advance. Do not assume a “second job” will be approved.

Who Can Become an RA

  • Full-time King college student
  • 2.5 or greater G.P.A.
  • Clean conduct record
  • Lived on campus for at least two semesters

Academic Year Live-On

Area Coordinators

Area Coordinators for Residence Life gain valuable work experience but not in a traditional classroom or office setting. Area Coordinators can provide close interaction with students, sustained advising/mentoring relationships, management and problem-solving experience, leadership development, and the opportunity to positively impact individuals.


Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree from any academic program may apply. Areas of study in Liberal Arts and Human Sciences such as counselor education, higher education administration, leadership studies, human development, psychology, sociology, and child development are especially relevant to the work of the Residence Life Area Coordinators.


Each Area Coordinator is supervised by the Coordinator of Resident Life, a Student Affairs professional, who holds a master’s degree in college student affairs and has worked in the field with a minimum of 5 years experience in a housing or residence life setting. The department seeks to provide a quality experience for Area Coordinators and is especially interested in supporting individuals through mentoring, development activities, and informal relationships.


Area Coordinators are required to live on campus and are provided an apartment at no cost.  Housing includes basic telecommunications, Ethernet, wireless, and cable.  Area Coordinators and their live-in family (spouses/children) are provided with a full meal plan.

Work Schedules

All Area Coordinator Positions are 10-month positions, beginning in Mid-July of the academic year. The process of preparing to open the residence halls for an academic year necessitates a work schedule which usually exceeds 40 hours per week prior to the start of the academic year in August; supervisors are always willing to offer appropriate compensatory or flexible schedules to offset these extra hours. Area Coordinators are expected to hold regularly scheduled office hours as established in the position description, and evening and weekend hours are frequent.