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Security Guidelines

Walking and Jogging

  • Go with someone you know.
  • Stay away from isolated areas.
  • Stay near streetlights and well-lit areas at night.
  • Protect your valuables by holding them close and tight.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash.
  • Dress sensibly. Restrictive clothing, clogs, or high heels make movement difficult.
  • Do not flaunt expensive jewelry.

Safety In Your Residence Room

  • Keep your doors locked when you’re alone.
  • Do not let strangers in.
  • Lock your doors when you leave.
  • Hide valuables.

Miscellaneous Safety Guidelines

  • Lock your car door.
  • Put valuables such as stereos, tapes, etc. out of sight in the trunk.
  • Lock your bicycle.
  • Engrave valuables with an ID number.
  • Any student found to possess any dangerous weapon (hunting knife, bow, compound bow, or firearm) will have the weapon confiscated by Security and that student will be directed to the Dean of Students for suspension or probation according to college policies. This does not include pocket knives under 3 inches.
  • Report suspicious persons and activities to a security officer, resident director or resident assistant.
  • Do not leave books, purses, and valuables unattended around campus.