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Security (FAQ)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 423.652.4333

How do I appeal a parking citation?

All parking and traffic citations must be appeals within ten (10) days of receiving the citation.
Citation must be appealed online.

How do I find out more information about a parking fine on my account?

Send an email requesting citation information to [email protected], please include your name and vehicle information.

I have a parking permit from last year do I need to get a new one?

Yes, students fill out a new form and get a new permit at the beginning of each fall semester.

What are the costs for parking permits?

Students will be charged a $60 parking fee per academic year. This fee is charged to your student account soon after you register your vehicle with Campus Security.

My car did not start this morning and I will be bringing a car that is not registered. What should I do so that I do not get a ticket?

Come to the Campus Security main office and register the vehicle you will be using on campus. There is no charge for this registration.

I am a graduate student, do I need to register my vehicle and get a parking permit?

Yes, all students must register their vehicles and obtain parking permits. The parking permit fee is included in the fee for graduate students as well as students in the accelerated programs.

Where do I park?

Students, faculty, and staff are assigned designated areas to park. The complete parking rules and regulations can be found here.

Where do I stick my permit on my car?

The parking permit is to be placed on the lower right, on the front window of your vehicle.

Does my permit allow me to park anywhere on campus?

No, only in designated areas.

How do I get from the parking lot to my dorm room and/or class if I am temporarily on crutches or am handicapped?

If Security is available, they will transport you on campus property. Please remember Campus Security may not be able to transport injured (crutches, handicap, etc.) persons at all times.

Where is the Office of Campus Security located?

The security office is located in the basement of Parks Hall and can be contacted by calling 423.652.4333 or “4333” from any campus telephone or by email at [email protected].

How do I report a crime?

Contact Campus Security at 423.652.4333 or “4333” from any campus telephone. In life threatening situations, contact 911 before contacting campus security.

I enjoy the outdoors and am an avid hunter. Can I bring my hunting weapon to campus?

No. Weapons are not allowed on campus and the security does not hold weapons for students.

Will Campus Security unlock my vehicle if I lock my keys in the car?

Yes. Campus Security will unlock, jump start and put air in flat tires free of charge. The vehicle must be on campus property. Campus Security will not change flat tires.

I feel uneasy walking across campus late at night.

You can contact Security and they will provide you with an escort on campus property only.

Where can I find information about crimes on campus?

Crime statistics information can be found here.