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University Anthem

Ecclesiae et Litteris

(For Church and Learning)

An Anthem for the 150th Anniversary of King

Did he suspect, that reverend son,
reflecting in his glory grove,
how like his father’s forge his dream
would be-a college smelting lives
Ecclesiae et Litteris?

From Appalachian ore its sons
and later daughters, too, would mint;
set free each mind by freeing arts;
for service then each heart refine
Ecclesiae et Litteris.

The Oval, with its twin foci,
apt center of our common life­-
as place to place it links, so heart
to mind and work to prayer it binds
Ecclesiae et Litteris.

The Celtic Cross, its circle just,
the vision of our worship is;
proclaims an ancient faith, yet new
in those it finds and grasps afresh
Ecclesiae et Litteris.

Sometimes the flame will flicker, light
grow dim. Yet in such times a Voice
(though still and small) tornado strong
will murmur in our ears and hearts:
“Ecclesiae et Litteris.”

Yes, memories and ties we’ll cherish,
sing our hails to King’s fair dream;
but when we’re memories ourselves,
O, may our heirs still heed this summons:
“Ecclesiae et Litteris.”

©Copyright assigned to King University by John Craig McDonald