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Engineering (Applied Science)

Engineering Program Highlights

Three years of study at King University to include all courses in the core curriculum and a concentration on courses in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Two years of engineering courses at the Tickle School of Engineering at the University of Tennessee in one of four engineering tracks: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Industrial Engineering.

After one year of engineering-related courses at the University of Tennessee, students may earn a BS in Applied Science and Mathematics at King by transferring their UT credits back to King. After completing additional engineering coursework at the University of Tennessee, students will earn a BS in Engineering from the University of Tennessee with an emphasis in one of the four engineering tracks.

King University Program - Engineering

What is Engineering?

Engineering is the application of science and mathematics in order to creatively design structures or processes for solving problems or improving performance. Graduates from the dual degree arrangement with King University and the University of Tennessee may conduct research involving the design and creation of equipment used in healthcare (Biomedical Engineering), solve problems involving the production or use of chemicals, drugs, and food (Chemical Engineering), manage the design, construction, and maintenance of roads, buildings, tunnels, and bridges (Civil Engineering), or devise efficient systems for the manufacturing of parts and the delivery of goods (Industrial Engineering).

Jobs for Engineering Graduates
Environmental ChemistStructural Engineer
Food Materials ScientistSupply Chain Planner
Forensic Biomedical EngineerTransportation Specialist
Medical Equipment TechnicianUltrasound Systems Designer
Medical ImagerWater Treatment Specialist
Production Manager

Engineering Coursework

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