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Over the past few months, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has encountered several delays in their 2024-25 FAFSA application and distribution process. These include software bugs in the electronic application and a back-and-forth decision on whether to update the tables that calculate the Student Aid Index (which, thankfully, is now happening).

In the past few days, they have announced that they expect to start sending FAFSA data to schools in mid-March. This is obviously several months later than the norm.

If you’re feeling uncertain about the application/financial aid process and don’t know what to do next, please know that it’s not just you. Many millions of applicants are experiencing the same frustration, and we want to do what we can to help you move forward while the DOE gets things worked out.

Here’s a few things you can do now:

  • Go to and create a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID, if you haven’t already. Students and each contributor will need this ID before you complete the FAFSA, and it can take up to 1-5 days for these to be verified
  • Visit for some short FAFSA FAQ videos to help you better understand the new changes
  • If you’ve been able to successfully submit your FAFSA, send us the confirmation page with your estimated SAI and Pell Grant eligibility at [email protected]
  • If you haven’t been able to submit your application, go to the Student Aid Estimator at complete this process. Once you have the results page, send it to us at [email protected]. Based on this estimation, we’ll prepare an estimated financial aid package for you. (If you want a safety net, deduct another 3-5% just in case.)

We’re here to walk with you through this process. Reach out to your financial aid counselor with any questions or concerns so that we can help, and remember, we’ve extended our deposit deadline to June 1st!


Learn how affordable a King Education can be

With so many financial aid options available, you will be surprised at how affordable a King education can be. When you factor in grants and scholarships, work-study programs, federal and state assistance, and loans, your actual cost can often be equal to or less than a public four-year college.

Each year, we award more than $19 million in financial aid to the majority of our students with an average annual award of $20,336. We will work with you and your family to make King a reality for you, too.

At King University, our financial aid administrators will help ease your mind about expenses so you can focus on what really matters – how King benefits you academically. We are happy to meet with you and your family personally to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Financial Aid

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As a member of the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), the King University Financial Aid Office has adopted the NASFAA Code of Ethics and the NASFAA Code of Conduct to insure good business practices in our day-to-day activities.