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Student Success

King’s Student Success Model

Built on the framework of the Appreciative Inquiry Model, King University assigns a Student Success Specialist to all students. The role of the Student Success Specialist is to:

  • Maintain contact with assigned students in order to enhance academic success and increase retention/graduation rates
  • Meet with assigned students in one-on-one sessions in order to increase motivation, encourage achievement, monitor academic success and assess student’s ability to persist to the next semester/academic year
  • Assist the student with registration and other University processes.
  • Foster discussion on such topics as classes, study habits, major selection, student interaction, family relationships, and campus involvement
  • Provide immediate (24-48 hour) follow-up on all early alert referrals
  • Direct students to the appropriate resources available to help ensure their success
Student Success Specialists
Ashley Albertson
Student Success Specialist - Bristol
Amy Anthony
Student Success Specialist - Morristown
Beverly Poston
Student Success Specialist - Kingsport
Carol Green
Senior Student Success Specialist - Bristol
Heidi Leonard
Director of Academic Success, Traditional & International Student Advisor

Students can find contact information for their assigned Student Success Specialist via the student portal.