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Theatre Program Overview

It’s More Than a Career; It’s a Calling.

Theatre has the power to transform the human experience before our very eyes. It transforms the artists creating the performance, it transforms the audience, and it can transform our society.The theatre faculty at King University dedicate themselves to empowering our students to make transformations, create meaningful art, and to answer their calling. Whether you want to act, direct, design, build, paint, write, or research, your ideas will be supported and you will have many opportunities to take risks. You will be required to seek out internships and gain professional experience or to develop and present a capstone project that encompasses your abilities.

It’s More Than a Performance; It’s a Passion.

We serve our audience, and we want to share stories that matter to them. We choose a season of works that range from the classic to the experimental and look for the questions that we are asking now.
We push our students to embrace a theatre that is more than Broadway. Theatre can be a strong voice for society. You are asked to envision, create, and sustain a theatre that will support your society, tell its story, and encourage action within it.

It’s More Than a Class; It’s a Community.

Our majors are an ensemble, and each plays a vital role in classes and production. Students and faculty learn and create together in a community dedicated to exploration, faith, creativity, and service.
Our class sizes are small, so you receive individual attention. From your first semester you are involved, your abilities are expanded, and your limits are pushed. King’s commitment to liberal learning means that you are encouraged to connect the ideas, questions, and discoveries in all of your production work, courses, activities, and spiritual development.

It’s More Than Art; It’s Life.

The study and practice of theatre is the study and practice of living. Creating theatre makes you a strong communicator and listener, increases your ability to work with diverse group of people, builds empathy, teaches respect, makes you flexible under pressure, and enables you to think critically. You will not be afraid of a challenge; you will thrive on it.

Theatre Program Highlights

  • Many production opportunities on and off campus
  • Experience all aspects: act, design, direct, build, write
  • Explore a broad variety of genres
  • Service learning experiences
  • Get individual attention from professors
  • Get active in student theatre organizations
  • Attend national theatre conferences
  • Independent projects in your focus area
  • Internships, study abroad and travel opportunities
  • Prepare for an advanced degree (MA/MFA) in theatre or a career in the arts
King University Program - Theatre

Theatre Coursework

  • To view all required courses for a BA in Theatre, click here.
  • To view all required courses for a Minor in Theatre, click here.
  • To view course descriptions, click here.

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