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Communication Minor

What is the Communication Minor?

Through fast-paced (five-week) classes, minors learn essential communication skills that complement what is learned in a student’s major. Concepts studied in the classroom are applied to real-life relationships, skills, and jobs!

Complete 20 semester hours to earn a COMM minor. Select five (of the COMM four-credit-hour) courses. Click here for COMM course descriptions.

Why Study Communication?

Developing competency in communication will enhance one’s personal & professional life.

Communication abilities are highly marketable since employers are always looking for employees with exceptional communication skills (just look up any recent “What Employers Want” survey)!

Communication skills should be developed intentionally through courses that grow one’s writing, speaking, thinking, leading, and ethical decision-making abilities.

Meet a Communication Minor

Staff Accountant at Radio Systems Corporation
Eric Gray, Bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in Communication

How has the Communication Minor Helped in Your Career Success?

“Communication is more than just talking. My communication minor has helped me to be knowledgeable in written communication. To be effective, accounting information must make sense to the reader, otherwise an accounting report is just a list of numbers with no real significance.

My minor also helped me to become an active listener. When my teammates know I’m fully listening to their ideas, the level of trust is enhanced.” –Eric Gray