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Communication Course Descriptions

Communication is everywhere. Impersonal exchanges, interpersonal conversations, and workplace activities all involve communication. In fact, a person cannot not communicate!

This program prepares students for success in any industry because the top skills employers look for relate to communication. Even Forbes magazine claims, “Candidates with strong technical skills and equally strong communication skills will rise above the pack and have the best shot at new opportunities as they arise.” These skills are honed in each Communication course to give students opportunity for success. Read the full list of required Communication courses below.

Required online course taken during first 2 weeks as a COMM major. Course introduces important skills like organized writing, citing, and APA. – 1 s.h.

This course focuses on strengthening everyday forms of communication like emails, memos, proposals, reports, and more. Students also study effective job interviewing and creating resumes. – 4 s.h.

Introduction to basic design. Students assess the effectiveness of documents and create designs to persuade using design principles. – 4 s.h.

Students learn the history of mass media, key theories, and develop a critical lens for analyzing how mass media shapes us through TV, Internet, books, and more. – 4 s.h.

Students grow as public speakers by learning calming, preparation, and organized speaking habits. Listening skills and ethical criticism abilities are also explored. – 4 s.h.

Introduction to communication theory. Course enables learners to explain communication and relationships using different theoretical lenses. – 4 s.h.

Students gain a foundation in interpersonal communication skills and theory useful to personal and professional relationships. Course addresses conflict management and resolution strategies. – 4 s.h.

This course develops students into effective writers via editing. Students edit written papers about each “special topic” in communication. – 4 s.h.

Overview of persuasion tactics, the impact of persuasion, and the ethical considerations of persuasive approaches. – 4 s.h.

Students learn about the public relations profession and construction of strategic messages (i.e., press releases, plans for clients, etc.). – 4 s.h.

This course overviews organizational communication and theory. Students work to develop realistic professional deliverables in the workplace. – 4 s.h.

This course focuses on ethical perspectives to equip students with critical thinking and ethical decision making in personal and professional contexts. – 4 s.h.

Identifying strengths, approaches to leadership, and personal effectiveness habits is at the core of this course for improving leadership skills and communication. – 4 s.h.

The required senior portfolio is completed during each COMM major’s final semester. Portfolio consists of revised assignments and one comprehensive reflection paper. – 0 s.h.

*COMM 1500 is a mandatory pass/fail class required of all new COMM students at the beginning of the first semester in the Communication program.

**COMM 4990 is a mandatory pass/fail comprehensive assessment portfolio required of all COMM seniors in their final semester of the Communication program.

Additionally, all of these course descriptions are also included in King’s academic catalog.