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Mission and Vision

The King Institute for Security and Intelligence Studies (KISIS) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan

organization dedicated to the scholarly study and advancement of security and intelligence
issues. KISIS was conceived in 2012 as part of the King Institutes Initiative, and
launched in 2013. KISIS was developed with the twofold objective of:

  • promoting the scholarly study of security and intelligence affairs, especially among
    the undergraduate student community; and
  • engaging the broader community in discussions about security and intelligence matters
    of regional, national, and global importance.

KISIS advances its objectives, outlined above, through a four-layered plan of action.
This plan is structured along the following interlinked parameters:

Research and analysis: the Institute regularly conducts research on counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and security themes, as they apply to local, regional, and national communities; it publicizes its efforts online, and through community events and outreach.

Media and community outreach: the Institute’s experts make themselves routinely available to local, regional and global media outlets as specialists on matters of security and intelligence. They also participate in community boards, forums, and other platforms of public life, with the aim of reaching out to the wider society.

Public events: the Institute organizes seminars, workshops and lectures by nationally and internationally known experts, which are designed to advance society’s understanding of the nature of intelligence and the changing security landscape in the 21st century.

Professional networking: the Institute seeks to network with a host of federal, state, and local security agencies, as well as with the private sector, in order to solidify its institutional
footprint and enhance the operational interface between critical components of the public and private sectors.