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Academic Honors

Undergraduate Academic Honors

Academic honors shall be determined by the undergraduate student’s King grade point average. Graduates who have completed a minimum of 62 semester hours of graded coursework at King (excluding PLA, and Pass/Fail credits) will be eligible for the following Latin honors:

  • GPA meeting or exceeding 3.500: cum laude
  • GPA meeting or exceeding 3.700: magna cum laude
  • GPA meeting or exceeding 3.900: summa cum laude

Students who have completed 48-61 hours of graded coursework at King with an institutional grade point average of 3.70 or higher will graduate With Distinction in their designated field of study. King University students who have earned an A.A. degree are not eligible for Latin honors, but may be awarded With Distinction.

Honors will be noted on the diploma and anticipated honors will be announced during commencement exercises. Summa cum laude graduates will receive a gold honor cord as they cross the platform during commencement exercises. Because grades are not due until after commencement, final Grade Point Averages cannot be computed until all grades are received by the Office of Registration and Records. The final transcript is the official academic record of honors granted. Honors will always be correct on each student’s diploma and transcript. However, honors announced at a graduation ceremony may not be entirely in line with actual honors due a student.

Honors will not be announced for students approved to participate in an early commencement ceremony.