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Academic Honors

Academic Honors Criteria

Academic honors will be determined by the undergraduate student’s King grade point average. In addition, certain departments also require honors candidates to undergo an external examination.

Graduates who have completed a minimum of 62 semester hours of graded coursework at King (excluding PLA, and pass/fail credits) will be eligible for the following Latin honors:

    • GPA meeting or exceeding 3.500: cum laude
    • GPA meeting or exceeding 3.700: magna cum laude
    • GPA meeting or exceeding 3.900: summa cum laude

Students who have completed 48-61 hours of graded coursework at King with an institutional grade point average of 3.70 or higher will graduate With Distinction in their given field.

Students in a Master or Doctoral program are not eligible for academic honors. Students within these programs are required to maintain an A/B level GPA at all times during their program.

Honors for Graduation Ceremony

The GPA at the end of 10 weeks, during the student’s last semester, will be used to announce anticipated honors during commencement exercises.

The student’s final transcript remains the official record of any honors granted.