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Political Science/History

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Political Science/History

April 19, 2024

Political Science/History Program Overview

The Political Science and History major is a fairly unique pairing of two very complementary disciplines; we believe that by combining these degrees, students gain a deeper understanding of human affairs than either degree could facilitate on its own. We focus on the primary historical and philosophical texts in western civilization, which develops the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in any job after graduation. We supplant this with a working knowledge of the United States Government and its political dynamics, as well as the workings of the international political system. Finally, we offer training in the technical skills needed by professional analysts employed in the political world.

With some modifications and a Secondary Education minor, the program also can be used to prepare graduates to teach grades 6-12.

Program Highlights:

  • Liberal Arts approach that provides exposure to classical texts and develops critical thinking skills
  • Unique mixture of political science and history to provide a deeper foundation in the subject matter of human affairs than either degree could provide on its own.
  • Opportunities to engage the political process through organizations such as TISL (Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature) and the College Democrats Club and College Republicans Club
  • Technical training in the skills needed for a successful career in law, politics, the intelligence community, law enforcement, other government jobs, and academia
  • Internships that provide critical training and connections


Political Science/History at King University
Business (domestic or foreign)Journalism
Graduate school (MA or PhD)Law school
High School TeachingPolitical campaign management
Intelligence communityPublic safety (ranging from the F.B.I. to local law enforcement)
Public service (on the local, state, and federal levels)

Political Science/History Coursework

  • To view all required courses for a BA in Political Science/History click here.
  • To view all required courses for a Minor in Political Science click here.
Questions? Contact our faculty.
Martin Dotterweich
Professor of History & Director, King Institute for Faith & Culture
Gail Helt
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Director of the King Security and Intelligence Studies