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Signing Up For a Room

Possible Scenarios for Signing-Up for Housing for Next Year

You and your roommate want to keep your current room:

You both return a Room Reservation card for your current room along with a copy of each of your room deposit receipts.

You want to move into another room with someone who wants to keep his or her current room:

The person who wants to stay in his or her room returns the Room Reservation card with his or her current room information along with a copy of the room deposit receipt. You will also return your Room Reservation card with the information for the room you want to move into along with your room deposit receipt. These are the only two ways you may keep your current room. At least one of the two people who currently live in that room must continue to live in it.

If you do not want to keep your current room or move into a room being held by someone else, you then will enter the lottery.This means that you will have the opportunity to choose a different room for the next year:

You can only enter the lottery with a roommate. You absolutely may not reserve your room and enter the lottery as well. Once you reserve your room, you are excluded from the lottery. You cannot reserve your room and then later see if anything better is still open.

There will be two evenings of Room Lottery Sign-Ups:

The first will be for single rooms and for Hyde Hall and Liston Suites. Hyde rooms and Liston Suites cost an extra $100 each semester. Single rooms cost an extra $200 each semester. This will follow an order beginning with rising seniors and descending through rising sophomores for single rooms.

Once all of those rooms are full, there will be another night of lottery for all of the other double and triple rooms the following evening. This evening will follow the same order, rising senior through rising sophomore.

Please Note:

  • If you have not returned your Room Reservation card by lottery time, your room will be considered available.
  • If you miss the lottery time for your class you will have to wait until the next time slot in the lottery.
  • Students who do not have a roommate for the lottery may request to be placed in particular rooms after the lottery process is over with the understanding that they will most likely be placed with a roommate at a later time.
  • If you want to room with someone who is not currently a student at King, but will be in the following Fall semester, you must have a room deposit receipt for them in order to be allowed to room with them during the lottery.
  • You can proxy for a roommate who cannot be at the lottery, but you absolutely must have their room deposit receipt. This is the only document we will accept for proof of payment.
  • It is important for everyone to have a roommate and having a copy of room deposit receipt. These two things are an absolute necessity in order to reserve a room or enter the lottery.
  • Even if someone does not have a roommate, they still must have the room deposit receipt to be allowed to be placed in a room at all.
  • If your roommate decides not to live on campus or does not return to King, we reserve the right to change your housing assignment for the Fall. No exceptions will be made.

Please Check Back Here in December for Returning Student Housing Sign-up Dates and Locations!