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Cross-Cultural Experience

A Cross-Cultural Experience fulfills the Common Experience, which is a required key component of the King University Core. The excerpt below, taken from the King University Catalogue, explains why the Cross-Cultural Experience is important.

The cross-cultural experience confronts students’ pre-suppositions and helps broaden their awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures. It seeks to prepare them to operate more thoughtfully in a world that is increasingly inter connected. As students encounter other cultures, they may realize ways to interact creatively to meet needs they see and will also realize that new situations transform them.

Each student should choose an experience that meets one of the four options outlined below.

Local Community Service Opportunities

Students may fulfill the requirement by enrolling in KING 3000 and completing a 30-hour community service project that same semester. There are many opportunities for students to serve the community, such as working at the Salvation Army, participating in the Big Brothers-Big Sisters program, supporting a King University International Student, volunteering at Remote Area Medical expeditions, or befriending a child whose parent is in prison.

The Assistant Dean of Student Engagement will assist students in choosing a service site and reviewing the requirements. At the end of their experience, students will participate in a poster session that showcases their experience.

For more information about this option contact Julie McReynolds at 423.652.6310 or

Study Abroad

King students have a long tradition of studying abroad. Many of these opportunities allow students to travel to English speaking countries in Africa, the Pacific, or the U.K, while other destinations allow students to enhance their foreign language skills.

King has relationships with various schools, programs, and universities, which ensures that students receive transferable credit for their coursework in foreign countries.

Visit Travel Opportunities for more information or contact Karen Shaw at 423.652.4798.

Mission Trips

The University plans several mission trips each year. Short-term trips are scheduled during Spring Break to locations within the U.S. and abroad. The Chaplain’s Office plans longer trips to Africa, India, and other destinations, and campus coaches organize trips that allow athletes to minister to children through sports.

Student Initiated Experience

You also can choose to do something on your own that is not King-sponsored. The experience must be completed between the time you are accepted to King and graduation, and you must follow the approval process outlined below.

  • Fill out a pre-approval form by going to your student portal and clicking on “Cross-Cultural Petition” under student forms.
  • Include a written description of your plan that details what you are doing and why it should be considered a cross-cultural experience. A clear description will help get your concept approved.
  • Write a 500-word essay after your concept is approved and you have completed the experience. Your essay should describe your experience and how it helped you interact with an unfamiliar culture in a meaningful way.
  • Submit your essay for approval.