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Student Responsibility

King University is required by law to have and enforce standards of progress and conduct in order for our programs to be approved for VA benefits. If you fail to maintain prescribed standards of progress, VA must be informed promptly so that benefit payments can be changed or discontinued in accordance with the law.

Please refer to the Academic Standing policy in university’s catalog.

Class Attendance

The Department of Education requires verification of attendance in all courses for which students are registered. Therefore, King University requires attendance to be recorded the first two weeks of every course within every module for verification purposes only. Verification for online students is submitted by completion of the ‘Course Expectation Agreement’ (CEA). The CEA must be completed before beginning any coursework in an online class. Once the student has earned 100% on the CEA, the course materials will be available through Blackboard.

Verification means that the face-to-face student is recorded by the course instructor as “Present” at least once during the first 10 days of an academic term or that the online student has completed the CEA. Students who fail to verify for a course will be dropped from that course. A student who fails to verify for all courses registered at the beginning of a term will have his/her registration cancelled for the term.

Failure to verify attendance in a module after attending a previous module in the same semester will result in an Unofficial Withdrawal. A withdrawal calculation will be processed by the Business Office and based on all scheduled courses for the semester.

The VA requires that students receiving educational benefits remain in active pursuit of their courses. If you fail to verify for class or receive a ‘WF’ due to non-attendance, your enrollment will be adjusted with the VA and an overpayment of benefits may occur.

You should promptly notify both the school and VA of any change in enrollment.

Repeating Courses and F’s

A student may receive benefits for a course in which a grade of F is earned. The student may also receive benefits for one repeat if the course is successfully completed on the second attempt. However, if the course must be attempted the third time, the second attempt is no longer eligible for benefits and the VA assesses a penalty for the term. The hours for that term will be adjusted, resulting in a possible overpayment with the VA.

Courses Not Covered By VA Benefits

The VA will not pay for:

  • courses that are not counted toward graduation requirements in your stated major/program of study;
  • courses from which you withdraw and receive a non-punitive grade, unless mitigating circumstances are submitted and accepted by the VA;
  • courses for which you stop attending prior to the end of the term;
  • courses for which you have received transfer credit;
  • courses for which you have earned a grade of D or better unless the academic department requires a minimum grade of C;
  • courses taken for audit purposes;
  • electives that exceed the minimum number of credit hours required for graduation.

Verification of Enrollment

Students receiving Chapter 30, 35, and 1606 education benefits will be required to process a monthly self-verification of enrollment before payment for the month will be released.

Monthly verification is required to insure proper payment, avoid overpayment, avoid debt with the government, and reduce the overall cost of collecting debts.

You will be able to verify your enrollment for the month on the last day of the month and after. Both internet and telephone certification are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To verify enrollment please follow the steps below:

Chapter 35 students will call 1-888-GIBILL-1 or 1-800-827-1000

Chapter 30 and 1606 will call 1-877-823-2378 or visit (You must use WAVE if you stop attending class, or changed your courses, which affected your rate of pay. You will need the date of the change, the number of hours before the change, and the number of hours after the change. You do not have to use the same method each month.)