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Editing and Revising

Here’s where the hard work begins.  The revision stage is time for you to evaluate your writing in terms of coherence, unity, organization, and content.  If you have time it’s very helpful to put away your writing for a day or two and then come back to it with fresh eyes.  After you have examined the structure and logic of your paper, then begin editing and proofreading for grammar and spelling.  You may even find in the revision stage that you need more evidence or support for your ideas.  If so, head back to those research resources once more.

Did you know that the King University Writing Center is available to help you with your writing?

For an appointment, call 423.652.6326.


Using correct grammar in your writing increases your credibility and readability.  These resources provide tutorials and exercises that will refresh your understanding of grammar and usage.


Are these words synonyms for the same practice?  Not necessarily.  In the beginning stages of revision, focus mainly on the content and ideas in your writing.  Is there enough evidence to support your ideas?  Have you structured your essay appropriately for the style of writing and the content?  Does your logic make sense?  Once you’ve analyzed the content, then you can focus on editing and proofreading for grammar and style.