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Harrison Barger

“I have always wanted to be in the military, ever since I was young.”
Harrison Barger

From the Baseball Diamond to Boot Camp

King University Student Profile 

Born and raised in western Maryland, Harrison Barger grew up with a dream that would stay with him into adulthood. He was going to be a soldier. “My grandfather had been in the Navy and that inspired me,” Harrison said. “I have always wanted to be in the military.” But his aspirations for military service were put on hold on account of his athletic abilities and to further his education. Harrison excelled at baseball.  He was also a standout soccer player, but it was baseball where the spotlight had shone the brightest.

When colleges came calling, Harrison knew the type of school that would fit his sensibilities and professional goals. He had always wanted to relocate to the south, where the slower pace of life was a complete contrast to the fast-paced, horn-honking, environment he was used too. A smaller school would be his destination, a place where students could build better relationships with their professors, and since his graduating high school class was a mere twenty-six students, the class size at King was comforting. It was the perfect fit and he accepted a scholarship to become a member of the Tornado baseball team. Harrison spoke of the family atmosphere, both on campus and with the athletics department, and how “it is easy to get involved.”

He matriculated into the King community where he has thrived. A business major with a minor in security and intelligence, he juggles school, and athletics while also taking on the responsibility of being SGA President. Easy going and confident, his leadership skills became apparent as he delegates work, conducts meetings, and charters clubs while dispersing a budget amongst the different clubs. He also works with student concerns and works to improve student life and get them as involved as they wish to be.

All the while, Harrison’s focus has been set on becoming an Army Ranger. He remembers throughout his younger years how people would ask him about his career aspirations, and he’d say, “I want to be in the military.” Too often they would respond, “You don’t want to do that.” But it was his parent’s that encouraged him to pursue his dreams. They said, “If you don’t do it, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” Harrison is taking their advice and upon his graduation, enlisting in the armed forces. The King community is exceedingly proud of Harrison’s accomplishments and cheer his decision to serve his country.