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Glory Cumbow

I transferred to King because I wanted smaller class sizes and to have professors who knew me personally. When I transferred I immediately felt like I belonged and that my voice mattered. I really found my voice in my theology courses while simultaneously exercising my creativity in my theatre practicum. My love for academic theology that sparked at King led me to get my Master of Divinity from Columbia Theological Seminary. I stayed another year to earn my Master of Arts in Practical Theology which allowed me to explore creativity in worship and liturgy. Now I am using my theological education and passion for creativity to write. My book of liturgy, “Breath for the Breathless: Liturgy for Life’s Difficult Seasons” was published by Wipf and Stock last month. I have also published articles with Fidelia Magazine and Unbound: An Interactive Journal of Christian Social Justice. If I had not transferred to King where my professors were invested in my education and my future, I don’t think I would have pursued seminary education and have found my voice to write. For young people who are entering adulthood, they need to feel important and validated to propel them toward their goals. King did that for me.