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Alifiya Dhanani

“If a student comes to me inquiring about higher education, I’d recommend for them to come to King 100%.”
Alifiya Dhanani

FROM A SMALL VILLAGE – King University – Knoxville Campus – Student Profile

“If a student comes to me inquiring about higher education, I’d recommend for them to come to King 100%.”


Born in a small village outside of Hyderabad in the Indian state of Telangana, Alifiya learned young the importance and value of work. She grew up in a hardworking family, her father forced to take numerous jobs to provide for them. Though life wasn’t always easy, her parents were a positive influence and the home was full of love. One thing her father always emphasized though was the importance of education and ensuring Alifiya attained high-quality instruction. After a few years the kids were sent to Rajkot. There the they were able to receive English schooling, which was the wish of her father. Though he worked hard, jobs were not always stable, and he would find himself in search of better work. For a period of time Alifiya’s father resided in Diu working as a prawn fisherman, continuing to do whatever he could to provide for the family, while they lived in the nearby village of Una.

By the tenth grade, Alifiya was living in hostel that she shared with friends. The girls would always travel in pairs or groups to ensure their safety. To make certain none of the girls ever found themselves alone, they even scheduled their classes to coincide, regardless of whether they wanted to take the class or not. It was too dangerous for a woman to be out alone at that time.

Alifiya’s two older brothers had moved away to study and her younger brother relocated to Australia for a better opportunity. Her father would return and work in the oil factories. Alifiya continued to pursue her studies performing at a high level. She earned her bachelor’s degree in India in three years, four semesters in Rajkot and the remaining two in Hyderabad. Her dream was to one day pursue an MBA. Her father thought it was more suitable for her to pursue an MCA (Master of Computer Applications) a three-year program earning a Master’s in Computer Science, awarded in India.

Alifiya got married and had two children. One day she learned about the opportunity to study at King University – Knoxville from a family friend, and having a supportive husband by her side, she applied, was accepted, and relocated with her family to the United States. Her her younger brother was the first to relocate to the United States from Australia becoming a successful businessman with a good flourishing business. Alifiya immediately fell into a routine in Knoxville. “The Knoxville campus is very nice,” she said.

“Our online classes are easy to use, I like them a lot,” she said referring to the option of taking some courses online. When Alifiya first arrived in the states it was somewhat of a culture shock. “I was a bit reluctant to come out and talk and participate but everyone was so helpful and friendly.”

She is excelling in Knoxville pursuing a communications degree and finds the courses to be manageable and interesting, “I really like the courses here.” And she adds, “If a student comes up to me inquiring about higher education, I’d recommend for them to come to King 100%.”

“The transition for foreign students is very smooth here,” she says. “Knoxville is a slow-paced city, and everyone smiles and is very friendly and warm.”