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Alexander Brumlik
Associate Professor of Economics, Associate Director King Institute of Regional Economic Studies (KIRES)


Alexander received his Ph.D. in economics from Georgia State University. In graduate school, he gave his life to Jesus and heard the call to be a teacher. He then took the opportunity to serve as faculty advisor for the Christian Students organization, as well as pursued opportunities to gain experience teaching. His first teaching jobs were at local community colleges, but he then taught for two years at Emory University. After graduating, he was hired at King University. He currently serves as the Freshman Liaison for the School of Business and Economics. His journey in Christ and love of teaching continue to increase each day.

  • Ph.D Economics Georgia State University
  • M.A. Economics Georgia State University
  • B.S. Economics University of Central Florida
Recent Publications and Presentations

Alexander’s research is in applied labor using experiments as an empirical methodology. He studies issues associated with various topics related to workers’ effort. For example, he explores how different wage incentives affect a worker’s productivity, and how exogenous shocks (which we often refer to as luck) can affect a worker’s motivation. In addition, he analyzes how different wage contracts destroy cooperation and can lead to destructive activities such as cheating and sabotage, as well as how these activates, in turn, affect productivity. He analyzes behavioral issues that can compromise efforts in competitive situations. He has written papers on the economics of happiness and is currently working on field experiments in the Tri-Cities. Alexander is associate director of The King Institute for Regional Economic Studies (KIRES), and in this role he has mentored students and co-authored KIRES reports.

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