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Professor Joe Strickland was recently featured in the “Questions with an Educator” blog series by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)

August 21, 2018

BRISTOL, Tenn., August 21, 2018 – Professor Joe Strickland, Chair of King University’s Digital Media Art & Design program, was recently featured in the “Questions with an Educator” blog series by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).

In the interview, Strickland shares his perspective on using his art to focus attention on social issues that are represented through architecture.  He also discusses important lessons that he shares with his students and what prompted his own graduate studies.

With over 7000 members and 39 chapters across the U.S., the American Society of Media Photographers is a leading trade association in the media industry.  The organization advocates for photographers’ rights, educates working photographers on better business practices, and promotes information sharing and networking among its members.

“I utilize ASMP for my own professional practice, but I also direct students to their website for the valuable tools they provide to all photographers,” said Strickland.  “I was excited when ASMP reached out to me for this interview.  It is a great opportunity for my students to see that we all have voice and influence in our field.  I hope that it will encourage them to engage in their local, national, and even international communities.”

Since May, Strickland’s work has been featured in exhibitions in New York City and Rome, Italy.  You can see some of his photographs in the April 2018 edition of Edge of Faith magazine, including the cover photo.

To read more about these, click here.

You can also find his work on his website at

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