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King University Renovates Campus Nursing Labs

October 30, 2023

Students enrolled in King University’s School of Nursing now have the opportunity to expand their classroom experience with the addition of 10 nursing simulators installed in newly renovated laboratory settings.

Nursing simulators are life-size mannequins that mimic live patients with a high degree of realism. They can be programmed to present various health care needs and respond to student interaction, providing immediate feedback and invaluable learning experiences.

King’s high-fidelity simulators offer students practice in working with adult, pediatric, and infant patients in a number of settings, including those encountered in childbirth, older adult, and critical care environments.

“We’re very grateful for the generous friends of the University who made this extraordinary upgrade possible, and delighted to make these state-of-the-art resources available to our students,” said President Alexander Whitaker. “The ability to practice various procedures and patient care scenarios in a risk-free environment greatly lends to the quality of medical care that a patient receives in real-life settings, and so we consider this an investment in the value of our educational experience as well as the quality of life wherever our graduates serve.”

Nursing classrooms in White Hall and the Nicewonder Learning Commons have recently been renovated to host the sims and accompanying equipment, which includes hospital beds, defibrillators, monitors, and adult and pediatric crash carts. In particular, the White Hall labs have been developed to focus on intensive care unit (ICU) practices and emergency trauma, while the Nicewonder areas are devoted to maternal, neonatal and pediatric care.

“The experience of working in immersive labs like these directly translates into an active care environment,” said Donna Fraysier, DNP, dean of King’s School of Nursing. “Nurses are asked to engage with complex, high-stakes situations throughout their careers, and facilities like ours help practice essential skills and build confidence early on. We’re excited about this new learning environment and celebrating the advantages this will offer our students in their practice and career.”

School of Nursing students practice chest compressions on one of the new high-fidelity nursing simulators installed in White Hall