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S.J. Dahlman

February 10, 2020

Since its inauguration in 2008, the King Institute for Faith and Culture has sought to foster conversation about things that matter, joining town and gown as we bring guests who work at the intersections of Christian faith and culture: artists and ministers, scholars and writers, politicians and prophets.

S. J. (Jim) Dahlman is Professor of Communications and Humanities at Milligan College, where he teaches courses in journalism, creative nonfiction, media law, and ethics.

His book, A Familiar Wilderness: Searching for Home on Daniel Boone’s Road, chronicles his solo hike in 2013 that traced the route of Daniel Boone’s Wilderness Road from east Tennessee to central Kentucky, blending travel narrative with history, observation, and profiles and interviews with dozens of people he met along the way.

A long-time journalist and magazine editor, his articles have appeared in American and British publications, including the Guardian (UK) and the Cincinnati Enquirer. An ordained minister in the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, he wrote a weekly column on religion for the Johnson City Press for seven years.

Time and Location

9:15 a.m. – King Memorial Chapel
Meditations from an Old Road: Beauty Will Save Us

7:00 p.m. – First Baptist Church
Meditations from an Old Road: Truth Will Set Us Free