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Where can I find information about Registration?

For more information about registration at King University, please visit:

You may also contact the Registrar’s Office by calling 423.652.4738.

Canvas Quiz / Test / Assignments / Exam Resets – Students

If you need to have an attempt reset for a quiz, assignment, test, or exam, you will need to contact the course instructor. Instructors may reset your assessment attempts at their discretion.

Once students are admitted, they are issued a My King student portal account.  Initial login credentials for My King are provided via email
or postal service letter, and students are required to change their password during the first login.

Students access the Canvas system through My King, and their Canvas account is available immediately after logging in. Students may complete Student Orientation within the Canvas system.

Once new faculty have completed documentation and have a signed contract, they will receive an email from the Dean containing their account information.

If you would like to reset a student’s attempt, please do the following:

1. In the Grade Center, locate the grade column associated with the assessment.

2. Click the contextual menu for the cell associated with the student and select View Grade Details.

3. On the Grade Details screen, click the Attempt button, then click OK to confirm an additional attempt.

Once you have registered for a course in My King, you will be able to access the course in Canvas one week before the start date. If you completed registration during the week before the course start date, the course should appear in your Blackboard account 30 minutes after registration.

If you are unable to access course during the timeframe above, please verify your registration in My King, then contact your instructor to determine when the course will be available.

Courses are created automatically based on course data in My King. Courses should appear in your Canvas account within 30 minutes of being assigned to the course in My King.