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Submitting Papers

Online Writing Lab Guidelines

Please note these guidelines before you submit your paper:

  1. There is a 48-72 hour turnaround time on receiving your paper back from the OWL.  Over the weekend and at busy times in the semester, we may need more time.  Submit your paper early in order to receive feedback in time to make any needed adjustments in your paper.
  2. You must submit your paper as a MS Word document. We are not able to open and reply to other formats.
  3. The OWL is closed during official school breaks and operates on limited hours during weekends. It may take a bit longer to receive a document back that you submit over a weekend.
  4. We do not guarantee any particular grade on an assignment.  We will give you advice on improving your writing but are not responsible in any way for the grade that you receive.  That grade will be dependent on the changes that you make and how well you meet your professor’s expectations.
  5. We will only comment on grammar issues in the first two pages of a submitted assignment. Each error will be noted once and explained.  You will need to read your entire document to check for similar errors in the rest of the paper. We will not proofread or make any changes for you.
  6. We will comment on issues such as format and genre, thesis statements, organization, paragraphing, and development. These comments can be found either in the body of your paper or at the end of your document.
  7. Please submit a rubric, or assignment sheet, or both along with your paper. Your review may be delayed if OWL does not receive these important supporting documents.
  8. We typically only review each paper once. If you would like to re-submit a paper for further review, please include in your email specific questions about particular parts of the paper you would like us to address. We will not do a second review unless you follow this protocol.
  9. To submit your paper, email it to or Be sure that the paper is a Word document.
  10. The document will be returned to you as an email attachment with comments to your King email.