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Synchronous Learning

What is synchronous learning?

  • A blend of online learning and face to face virtual (live online) meetings
  • Meet once a week virtually during your assigned class time to interact with the instructor and classmates to increase engagement
  • Have questions answered in real-time
  • Learn from the safety and comfort of your own home
  • Participation in meaningful classroom discussions and presentations

Student Expectations of online learning:

To optimize the learning environment in synchronous online classes, it is expected that:

  1. Students prepare each week by completing the weekly reading and/or watching posted videos
  2. Students log into class from a quiet, non-distracting environment
  3. Students are expected to be on time and participate in all class activities
  4. All students should have their cameras on to provide visibility in the classroom and to promote interaction and engagement with peers and instructors
  5. Students should mute microphones except when speaking due to audio interference
  6. Students are to be appropriately and presentably dressed
  7. Students are expected to remain visible and interactive in the online class for the entire class period except in the case of a personal or family urgent need
  8. Students are expected to participate in class discussions with peers and faculty and to remain engaged in the class. Active participation during class will count as your discussion/participation grade. Online classes are required to write and submit all assignments online. Synchronous classes allow students to discuss most of their assignments during class time.
  9. Students are not to be engaged in other activities during class time
  10. Students may use the chat feature to ask questions or use the “raise hand” option to alert the instructor of questions
  11. High-speed internet is required, prior to the first-class meeting, download the desktop Microsoft Teams/and or the Teams app on your phone. Chrome browser is what you need to use with Canvas and Teams