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Transfer Course Equivalency – Self Service

Use the Transfer Equivalency Self-Service below to see how the academic credits you earned at other institutions might transfer to King University. Please note the self-service is a tool available to provide an unofficial review of courses for transfer students. The Office of Records and Registration will complete an official review upon acceptance to King University.

Select the college or university attended under the “School” section below. Multiple courses from multiple institutions may be added to this section. The first institution selected will auto-populate in the “School” section, but may be changed by choosing the drop-down arrow.

Once the institution is selected, all approved transfer courses from that institution will be listed in the “Courses” section below. As each course in chosen, a list will populate the selected courses at the bottom. Some institutions have a large number of transfer equivalents. Therefore, it may take a few moments to load the courses once the institution is selected.

Once all courses are added, please feel free to print the unofficial review for reference.

Loading time for courses may vary. Some institutions’ course equivalency will take longer to load due to the number of transferable courses in the listing.