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Sebastian Lieflaender

Sebastian Lieflaender from the class of 2020 grew up in a small town about 25 miles from Dusseldorf in western Germany. A bright student and a standout Tennis player, Sebastian’s future seemed limitless.
Sebastian Lieflaender, 2020

When the idea of traveling abroad to study and play sports was expressed, he listened. A young athlete in a small town in Germany, he didn’t know much about the United States, but his curiosity soared. After some research and lengthy discussion with the coaching staff Sebastian decided to take the chance and enroll at King. At the age of 18, Sebastian would be making the biggest step of his life and leaving his family for the opportunity to study at a such high-quality institution. He knew that it was going to be a difficult, but he wasn’t intimidated. “I’m a person that believes in hard work and someone that doesn’t mind putting in the hours,” Sebastian said.

He said one role model he always had while excelling on the Tennis court was Roger Federer.  “It is not just what you do on the court that matters, but how you conduct yourself off the court too. And that is representative of Roger Federer,” Sebastian said.

No matter what Sebastian did, he always tried to be the best. In school he studied hard and graduated with a 4.0 GPA in 3 years. He would have three successful internships while at King, and upon graduation was hired by Amazon as an Area Manager. The work is tedious, and the hours are long, but Sebastian says that it is worth it.

“It is fun and lots of responsibility. I get scared sometimes, but then I realize I can learn and grow,” Sebastian remarked. “I think it is always up to you about what you do, how far you go.” Soon, he would like to pursue a master’s degree and possible a doctorate as well. “I want to see where life takes me, and God will be a good guide.”

Sebastian is a rising star, and it is the skills, knowledge, and confidence he acquired at King that has prepare him for a future in the exciting and competitive world of business. When asked if he would ever consider returning to work in the U.S., he said with a chuckle, “If Jeff Bezos asked me to come to Seattle…I’d be there.”

Reflecting on his time at King, Sebastian smiled and said, “King is what it feels like to be home. It is like a second home. It is about your friends and memories that you connect with, that is King.”