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David and Ellen Ross

David and Ellen Ross both graduated from King College in 1957. They met at King, started dating their junior year, and were married the year following graduation. Both have always felt a call to missions, specifically through campus ministry.
David and Ellen Ross ('57)

After going through seminary and working a few years in the United States, David and Ellen took a leap of faith and moved to Korea. They were in Korea for 25 years working with college students. David fondly remembered those years and said they often referred to their home as “Ellen’s open refrigerator” as students were in and out enjoying fellowship with one another. After leaving Korea, they worked alongside immigrant children and university students in New York City while dreaming up plans to start their own training center for young missionaries. This dream led them to Seattle where they opened the discipleship training center where countless young missionaries have been provided the tools to develop a passion for a life of service to God.

When reminiscing about their time at King, setting the foundation for their lives, David stated “King helped us learn to never be bored and it opened our eyes to the larger world. Although it was a small place in a small location, it had a worldwide biblical focus. It was a real launching pad that sent us off.” David and Ellen believe this pandemic is not a time to step backward but an opportunity for the “greater things” that Jesus promises to those who follow him. David has been teaching young people in Asia, Africa, and Madagascar via Zoom. They are also working online by networking with European Christians who are working for the unification of Korea and they recently completed a networking seminar in Switzerland with representatives from seven nations.

David and Ellen have spent their lives working with young people on campuses and it all started while they were two young students themselves at King College in the fifties. David is currently writing his fourth book and Ellen just completed her book “A Journey to Joy.” David and Ellen, thank you for being an example that the best days are always ahead of us, King University is proud to call you both alums.